API BaaS - API Backend as a Service for your App

The API Backend for your App where you need it, close to your App users location.

Secure |> Private |> Realtime |> Distributed |> Fault-Tolerant |> Concurrent |> Highly Available |> Geo-Located |> Low Latency

Deploy the API Backend as a Service all over the world. No need for DevOps.

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A Secure Distributed Realtime API Backend for your Apps

Mobile, Web, IoT, CLI and Desktop Apps

Keep all your Apps Securely inter-connected in Realtime via the nearest API Backend to your users with Low Latency and High Availability

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Speedup your App development with several API Backend features and services that require no code or low code approaches, depending on your choices and needs.

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Websocket API | GraphQL API | RestAPI

Provide an OpenAPI Specification to create a CRUD API ready to use out of the box, including a SQL database to persist it's data.

You can also connect an existing SQL Database, or import a SQL schema to get a CRUD API ready to use without requiring you to write code.

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Monetize APIs

When opting for this business model the APIs for your own APPs will run as a separated service from the API service you will monetize.

API tiers available: free-trial, freemium and premium.

You can also opt-in to offer your API as a completely free service to others.

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Authenticate Apps access to the Websocket API, GraphQL API or Rest API with Dynamic Secrets (client to server), Mutual TLS (server to server).

User Authentication via OAuth2/OpenIdConnect, Magic Links, WebAuthn, and the email/password combo.

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Authorize access to the API Backend for your Apps and Users with Role Base Access Control (RBAC).

Create RBAC groups for Apps and Users or apply permissions individually.

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Function as a Service (FaaS)

Customize each API endpoint or Event with a function written in the language of your choice that supports gRPC.

Currently gRPC officially supports: C#, C++, Dart, Go, Java, Kotlin, Node, Objective-C, PHP, Python and Ruby.

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Each time an action occurs in the API Backend an Event will be generated and published to all subscribers.

You need to create a FaaS function to listen and process the Events in Realtime.

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The API BaaS SDK for your App will provide out of the box support to listen and react to events occurred in the API Backend in Realtime for all connected users.

Create manual Notifications, that can be scheduled for some date in the future.

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Support Chat

The API BaaS SDK for your App will provide a Websocket API for a Support Chat.

Improves you App users experience by allowing them to contact you in Realtime when they need the most.

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Own your data. The database is an external service to the API Baas platform that you own.

Connect your own Database or select one from the list of third-party providers that offer a Database as a Service (DaaS).

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Use the built-in storage to store and serve your Apps assets.

You can also connect and use a third-party AWS S3 compatible storage system.

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Dynamic Secrets

Manage dynamic secrets used by your App and API Backend.

Supported tokens: JWT, hashed strings, encrypted strings and token bindings.

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Choose Authentication methods and providers allowed by App and group of Users.

Configure Users Authorization with permissions set with RBAC in a per App and User group.

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Use Webhooks to integrate the API Backend for your App with third-party systems.

Use to integrate with CDNs, Github, Gitlab, and others. The imagination is your limit.

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Background Tasks

Create and manage your tasks for background processing by a robust, reliable and observable framework.

Offload to background tasks long running work-loads or things that you need to run in a certain schedule.

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Emails and Newletters

Connect a third-party email provider from the list of supported ones.

Create and manage newsletters from within the API BaaS dashboard.

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Realtime Analytics and Metrics

View in Realtime the Analytics and Metrics for what is happening in your Apps and API Backend.

All API BaaS SDKs will provide signals to the API Backend that will be used to augment and enrich Analytics and Metrics.

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Distributed Deployment

Deploy the API BaaS platform around he world to have your API Backend close to your App users.

More then 20 regions to select from.

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Multiple domains supported for each API BaaS project.

Automatic certificate creation and renewal through LetsEncrypt.


An API Backend for your App that is designed to be Secure, Distributed, Fault-Tolerant, Concurrent, Highly Available, Geo-Located and with Low-Latency.

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Designed with security baked-in by default as much as possible. For example, RBAC, Rate Limiting, Device Fingerprinting and much more.

Backed-in security will be always opt-out, never opt-in.

Audit logs for every data event occurred in the system.

Third-party security providers will have access to hooks in several places of the life-cycle of a request in order for them to be able to add additional security to protect the inbound and outbound flow of data.

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When possible all Personal Identifiable Information (PII) will be anonymized, and the PII that can't be anonymized will be persisted encrypted.

Own the data by connecting the API Backend to your own Database and/or by connecting a storage provider to store the continuous backups.

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The API Backend can run geographically distributed out of the box.

This gives the API Backend horizontal scalability without complex engineering.

Used with AnyCastDNS will allow to serve API requests to the API Backend closest to your App users.

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A single API Backend supports up to millions of simultaneous connected Apps in Realtime.

You can now design your App to keep them always connected to your API Backend to listen and react to events as they occur.

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Each API request is processed by preemptive scheduler that ensures that no API request starves all the CPU available for itself.

This means that CPU intensive API requests will not affect the performance of other endpoints of the system as a whole.

The average response time isn't affected by huge spikes due to an increased load.

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API requests that cause a crash will not affect performance of others, neither will easily bring down the server.

Avoid downtime due to server crashes.

Reduce high average response times of the whole API Backend due to slow code performance or because of some intensive API requests or background tasks.

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AnyCastDNS is used to route the API requests from the App to the API Backend close to your App users.

This will highly reduce latency for App users faraway from your API Backend.

A Full Featured Distributed Realtime API Backend for your Apps

Its time for your Apps to adopt an API Backend as a Service (BaaS) that is Concurrent, Distributed, Fault-Tolerant, Geo-Located and that enables your Apps to work in Realtime with High Availability and Low Latency